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Biographical information
  • Around 1300 BC (Greece, Age 3,000+)
  • Nobleman (Formerly)
  • Nomadic Traveler
  • Male
Family information
Supernatural information
Significant sires
Physical Appearance
  • 5'11" (Feet)
  • 1.80 (Meters)
Gabriel (Ancient Greek: Γαβριήλis, Latin/Roman: Gabrielus) is an Elder vampire, responsible for turning Rosalie Fairchild into a vampire, later resulting in the transformation of Caleb Westover and Aidan Whitmore into vampires.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Gabriel is of unknown age. He fought in the Greco-Persian Wars (499 to 449 BC0 and the Trojan war (1194 BC to 1184 BC), was part of Alexander the Great's army (336 BC - 326 BC) and witnessed the death of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC, and in the wars that led to the Roman Empire's downfall (on the Germanic side) in AD 456. During this time, probably, he met and gained confidence of a being named The Devil, with which, later, signing a pact. He then, probably, decided to stick around the general area of Germany. In the late 15th century, he lived in a village in England, where the people thought that he was the devil himself. One day, a maid showed up and begged for his help, because her young mistress was dying. That girl was Rosalie Fairchild.