James DeVries
James devries actor
James Alexander DeVries
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Birth date
January 23, 2000
Show(s) Status
Lead Star
Who wants to hang out?
— James DeVries

James DeVries (born January 23, 2000) is an American actor who plays Noah Murdock on Everlasting

Biography Edit

James DeVries was born January 23, 2000 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. James is the last child of four children. James has two brothers and one sister. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, James's passion was playing baseball until he was about 12 years old when he decided to become an actor. He auditioned to play the role of Sam Bruer in the show Everlasting, though he was later given the role of Noah Murdock.

Personal Life Edit

James met and began dating Hanna BrutsChe (sister of co-star Tyler BrutsChe in 2013, when they met on the beaches of Costa Rica. He enjoys playing baseball and football. DeVries has also expressed an interest in writing and art. James's nickname is Jameson and it is commonly used for James amongst his co-stars.

Trivia Edit

  • James's nickname is Jameson
  • James has naturally pointed ears.
  • James is left handed.
  • James was the one who recommended Tyler BrutsChe for playing Sam.
  • James' favorite character on The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon.
  • James has brown eyes.
  • James is 5'9".
  • James would have been an artist if he didn't go into acting.
  • James' favorite city is Chicago.
  • James loves traveling.
  • James admits to being a goody-two-shoes, especially when he was younger.
  • James originally wanted the role of Sam Bruer, but instead was given the role of Noah.
  • James' favorite colors are black and yellow because of his favorite football team being the Pittsburgh Steelers.